“Bombers are all spongeing asylum seekers” – Daily Express

It's a headline that frankly beggars belief.
(Not the Patsy Kensit bit)

And it wasn't made up. The headline, that is. The 'facts' were totally made up.

And, this post was lost as a draft for about 2 weeks, removing any point in actually publishing it.

My favourite bit is "and now all they want to do is repay us with death".

2 thoughts on ““Bombers are all spongeing asylum seekers” – Daily Express

  1. spent about 8 hours trapped in a mini bus with 6 eneducated english teenagers, who weren't even teenagers it turns out, about 30 odd, and old enough to know better. at the time i was traumatised by their uneducated propaganda bullshit, so much so in fact, that i pretended i couldn't speak english. but then, looking at the class of the paper tabloids in this country, is it any suprise. i just wish sometimes people were a little more aggressive in their intellect, a little more demanding from their education, a little more discerning in their gullibility(is that a word?)

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