Campions! FC Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1

They kept us waiting but they got there in the end. Thierry Henry seemed extremely pissed off: "They're a great team, and if you help them…" he said, referring to perceived mistakes by the refferee.

Well it's tough losing, Thierry. But will this result end up with you not coming to Barcelona? We'll have to wait for that, I suppose… but to be fair, I don't think they need you.

In the age old style, Arsenal cabron! Saludo Campion!

8 thoughts on “Campions! FC Barcelona 2 Arsenal 1

  1. It's just a shame that Braca fans are the dullest in the game. Oh until they win something big!!!

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  2. Just do a comparison between Espanyol and Barca fans…then you will see. How many Barca games have you been to. All of the ones I went to, the fans were dull and as for making a noise they didnt. Its Ed by the way..and cocksucker is a little crude! Bristol city fan.

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  3. been to quite a few Barça games over the years could´nt say how many, maybe 100. The only espanyol fans that make noise are the nazis, and the noise is them destroying the stadium. I´ve only been to Barça vs Espanyol games, 3 or 4 of them I think and could´nt hear them at all.

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  4. Ha! Well passions are running high today, that's for sure. There's no doubt that the culés like to grumble more than most, but that's their prerogative. As to Espanyol fans, well they have to make a noise because there are so few of them!

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  5. an odd amount of passion…but it is football! Both sets of fans have their Nazis..but thats just spain and football. I can only comment on my experience of Barca games, nothing like the Geordies thats all I'm saying.

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  6. yeah well it is true that they can be dull at times generally for unimportent games. Its a big stadium as well and if there is´nt a good number of people it can be quiet. But if u go to a decent game then the atmosphere can be great, u clearly missed out on that. As for the geordies, they´re a noisy people anyway especially when they´re pissed up on match day.

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