13 thoughts on “RIP Reverend Goatboy

  1. I'm afraid it's very true indeed. Spoke to the chap who found the body earlier this evening.

    He will never be forgotten

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  2. Such a shame. Such a loss. He was charming & funny and will be missed by many. So sad. I'll be playing Girlschool in his honour later. xxx

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  3. Used to hang out with Paul nearly 30 years ago but still remember a true gent. Fast Ad Rools OK!

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  4. I knew Paul in the 90's when he ran a paintball site called Warpaint. He was part of the legendary 'Rejects' team, that graced the Mayhem Paintball Championships for a number of years. He was a great character. Generous and funny, and always had legendary tales to tell of his roadie days with Motorhead etc. With catchphrases like "If they don't like it they can go and boll*cks". A 'bon viveur and raconteur', he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. God speed Had. Check that man!

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