Tot el camp és un clam! El Clásico tonight

Looking forward to tonight's Clásico derby between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. As I'm something of a curse on Barça, I've avoided watching many games live (when I do, they do badly), but I've been using my PlayStation 3 to record them (this works very well indeed). Barça have done very well while I've been doing this.

However, I sort of think that tonight will be either a draw or a Madrid win. Not sure why… just that the Clásico is often surprising. For that reason, I'll watch the game on La Sexta at 2200 and I hope for another goleada for Guadiola's FC Barcelona.


By  the way: if you didn't know already, Real Madird was founded by Catalans.

4 thoughts on “Tot el camp és un clam! El Clásico tonight

  1. Having spent the first 20 minutes trying to kick Messi out of the game any result in favour of Madrid would have had no justice. Have a good holiday!

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  2. Graeme, that was how Chelsea nearly won the Champions League a few years back… kicking Messi is now a clearly defined tactic!!

    We'll try to take some photos but I suspect that Darwin was a massive mistake on my part. Bones festes.

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  3. I think you've spelt Guardiola wrong, anyway who cares, he's just a junkie who got lucky again.Lol

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