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  1. Whenever I hear the name of that country I shiver because one of Spain's finest reporters, Miguel Gil Moreno, was killed there in 2000. Maybe some people in SL still remember. If so, do tell.

    I reckon the place is peaceful now, I do hope so for you. Have a god trip and do post about it. Ah, and get your shots, shorts won't do the trick.

    One anecdote for those who know about Slovenia: around the time of its independence the government there was looking for a new international vehicle registration code and first decided for SL, until they realised that it was already taken by Sierra Leone. That's how it ended up being SLO.

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    1. Thanks, Candide. We've had our shots, and have bought our anti-malarials.

      Sierra Leone's civil war was shocking. But the country seems to have recovered. It's still very poor, of course, mainly because of foreign exploitation of the country's impressive mineral resources.

      We'll be staying with someone who knows the country. So yes, I intend to write about it on our return. We'll only be there for 10 days, but all the same, a bit of winter sun is always a welcome thing.

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      1. There's not much of a winter on the equator, but I think that was the point. :-)

        I'm looking foreward to your news.

        All best.

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  2. PPS – I'm testing some new automatic semantic tagging software on the blog. So some posts are showing up with tags rather than categories.

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    1. The impostor seems to get a kick out of playing with names. In this entry


      he talks about a certain Mr Arshavin, probably a gay man of his own (homophobe? homophile?) invention. In the same context he brings up another Mr Messi (uh-hu). And hot it gets when the impostor writes:

      "At that moment, Wenger (sic!) unzipped his anorak and became suddenly a great deal more animated."

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