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ERC: hardcore separatists

Yeah, they’re at it again. So-called separatist-friendly, hardcore-porn producing friend of the people, Conrad Son, has been given more money by the Generalitat to make some ‘girl friendly’ porn, en Català. Apparently, he’s a big fan of Josep Carod-Rovira (and no doubt, the ERC leader is a big fan of… hot Catalan action… yuck*).

There are a number of serious questions raised by this (is there really no material considered out of bounds for those keen on spreading the word of Catalan? is it not morally reprehensible for a ‘left-wing’ party to get involved in the production of porn, even if it is ‘for women? doesn’t porn for women just mean it’s toned down a bit?)… the main concern has to be this: Conrad Son, please don’t let Carod-Rovira become the Catalan Ron Jeremy.


*I have no problem with hot Catalan action, myself.