The political parties of Spain

To follow my post about expats getting involved in Spanish elections, here’s a list of Spain’s political parties. The list is borrowed, with permission, from Richard Kimber’s Political Science Resources page on the Keele University website. The two main Spanish parties are the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and the Popular Party (PP). In Catalonia, other major parties are Convergence and Union (CiU) (a collection of various socially-conservative political groups, each separately represented below), Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), and Greens/United Left/European Alternative (ICV-EUiA).

Curiously, Progreso Y Orden isn’t on the list. Which suggests that there are other mentalist-fringe groups around. Are there any other omissions? Which is your favourite? Click the link below to see the list.

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  1. Crikey, that’s a monster of a list! I didn’t know there were that many political parties in Spain. There are only about 5 or 6 that ever get mentioned. Good starting point for a little project I thought of last night thought.

  2. I’ve noticed that Batasuna (banned Basque-nationalists linked to ETA) isn’t listed. Perhaps this is because they can’t be deemed to be active when they’re illegal.

    Also, the grouping CiU ought to be included in the list… check out the link, BTWbecause it’s fascinating. The UK seems to have even more parties and groupings than Spain!

  3. Well there is also a lot of regional parties on the list, and some national ones have been split into their regional subdivisions too – Izquierda Unida in particular, but also the PP (Union del Pueblo Navarro) and the PSOE. You could probably cut this list a lot by combining some of these. The Batasuna question is interesting, because the party being accused of acting as a successor (ANV) isn’t on the list even though it has been around for many years. Nor is Aralar, which is a non-ETA supporting alternative for radical nationalists. Also missing is EHAK, the last party to be accused of substituting for Batasuna and also completely legal with representatiion in the Basque parliament. So maybe the list should be even longer, not shorter.

  4. Also not listed are Ciudadanos de Cataluña. It’s hard being a left winger and finding the party which best represents your interests. But pity the Falangists too: who do you pick from La Falange, Falange Española de las JONS and Falange Autentica?!

  5. The Partido Humanista, which is a cult posing as a political party, isn’t on the list, and neither is the Partido Nacionalista Caló, the Gypsy Nationalists. I don’t see the Plataforma per Catalunya, either, or the Coalición Canaria, which actually has four seats in the Cortes. Is Fuerza Nueva still in business?

    One minor quibble: Seems to me that ICV is as much a Communist coalition as a Green one.

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  7. Progreso y Orden es el único partido político independiente que más europeos tiene en España.
    Su presidente es un ex Guardia Civil, super conocido por su rectitud y buen trato, ayudando a las personas necesitadas, hacían falta muchos políticos como este hombre.

  8. No teneis ni puta idea de lo que decis, progreso y orden es el mejor partido español que hay, y el unico que defiende a los españoles, si todo lo que sabeis es mirando internet, no teneis idea de nada.
    Cuando un partido se opone a la corrupcion politica, se le acusa de todo, asi nos va en españa
    Yo seguire votanto a progreso y orden

  9. The several pirate parties are missing too.

    There’s Pirates de Catalunya (, Partido Pirata, Piratas de Galicia and some others I think.
    They’re different parties with the same ideas, not a national party with subdivisions.

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