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Shock horror: Guido's a dick

This story has been developing somewhat over the last week or so. What happened was that Pickled Politics posted a Guardian article from 1986 which alleged that Paul Staines, AKA Guido Fawkes of the eponymous and higly influential Tory blog, tried to form some sort of 'joint action' team between the Federation of Conservative Students and the British National Party. Staines then threatened Pickled Politics and other bloggers who'd carried the story with legal action, suggesting that the man who likes to root around in Labour MPs' histories ought to have some sort of immunity himself.

So Pickled Politics removed the article but it has been reposted by several other blogs now… the cat' very much out of the bag on this one. Personally, I always thought that Guido was far too smug-Tory for my liking. Never trust anyone who suggests that Labour have some sort of monopoly on dodgy behaviour in Westminster. Oh, and don't believe the hype.