Monthly Archives: March 2012

Supporting tomorrow’s general strike in Spain

With the approval of savage labor reforms and likely even more savage cuts to come, tomorrow’s general strike is a vital chance to show that working people in Spain are willing to stand up for themselves and say ENOUGH. We demand dignity.

Reasons for supporting the strike:

  • Even the PP accepts their reforms won’t increase employment
  • Spain is in recession, making job security more vital than ever
  • Workers can now be fired for 9 days’ medical leave, even with a doctor’s note
  • The reforms strike particularly harshly at the young and newly employed
  • The reforms are designed to destroy workers’ collective power
  • The reforms incentivize putting women on short-term contracts, widening the gender gap in the workplace
  • Emergency redundancies can now be declared even when a company is still growing

The PP and CiU are determined to destroy the hard-won social model in Spain. They try to blame public spending for the crisis but it’s the private sector that really caused these problems. So they’re introducing privatization into the health service, cuts to education budgets, cuts to civil service wages (not for diputados, though, of course), cuts to pensions… And all the while, unemployment grows.

This strike is a vital opportunity to express your anger at a set of labor reforms and spending cuts which won’t create employment but will only deepen the crisis for working people in Spain.