comments policy

I won’t remove comments from this blog that are mostly on-topic, interesting, make a good point or make me laugh. In fact I delete very few comments.

As a guideline, however:

  • I will close and/or delete comments on a post when comments are simply threats or insults or have gone so wildly off-topic that a new post would serve the debate better.
  • Anonymous comments are permitted, but I’d rather you left a name and genuine email address (particularly if you have something interesting to say). Fake email addresses may lead to deletion.
  • Comments which recycle old tropes like ‘Socialism = Stalinism’, ‘ERC = Hitler’, etc. will be removed. I’m not keen on the dissemination of FUD either, so there’s that.
  • Measures such as IP bans etc will be used as a last resort.

Essentially, if your comment is deleted, it is usually because you are considered to be trolling.

If you don’t agree with a decision to remove your comment, or you think that your comment was accidentally removed, please contact me.

Or you could just get your own blog.

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