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Catalan Estatut Referendum

The ‘yes’ vote will certainly win in today’s referendum. In many ways, the new Estatut will be good for Catalonia and for those of us lucky enough to live here. There are many reasons to vote ‘yes’ to this Estatut… but hatred for the PP is not one of them. I hope that those of you who could vote, did. Dissatisfaction with politics can only be fixed by going out there and standing up for what we believe in… the democratic process must surely be the bedrock of our society.

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My first post on the topic can be found here.

The PP loves victims of terrorism

During their time in power as well as during their disgraceful period in opposition, the PP have put nearly all of their energy into dividing Spain. Their constant jibes and threats – targeted against not only the left-wing but against distinct national groups within Spain – have changed this country and have increased tensions between Catalans, Basques, Spaniards, immigrants, conservatives, liberals and socialists.

This is a typical modus operandi for a one-policy party. Political entities of this type have no real philosophy or plan behind them other than the manufacture of fear among the populus. And they’re very successful at it. Intelligent, reserved Spaniards and Catalans whom I know are hesitant to pursue their own political goals because of a perceived threat that if modernisation of this country ‘goes too far’, the right wing will ruin things again.

The PP use this fear to divide the people of Spain. They use it to radicalise Spanish politics. These methods only ever benefit the PP and are all the more disgraceful because they are merely a means to attempt to regain power: as we have made very clear before, the PP does not believe in anything except its own right to control Spain.

To try and derail peace talks between the government and ETA, peace talks which the PP have already agreed to, purely in order to win political points, is the most abhorrent and repulsive act so far committed by this party. Their aim is clearly to gain power at all costs: even if it means that the streets of Spain run with the blood of more victims of terrorism. To call the PP simply power-hungry and divisive is to miss the point. The PP care so little for the people of Spain that they would rather see them dead than alive; if it meant that they controlled la Moncloa. So the question now is whether you’d like to see more victims of terrorism or fewer. The PP know which they’d prefer, and that’s why they’re trying to provoke more violence.

Spain Herald is dead! Long live!

…or so it seems, for the time being. Until the single most unpleasant, right-wing-mentalist and all-round nasty website in the world opens up again, we’re declaring victory! Street party at el font de Canaletes!

Meanwhile, has been at Primavera Sound 2006, where we managed to boost Catalonia’s (and Spain’s) economies by buying huge quantities of beer. I’ll post some more organised thoughts on the whole thing shortly. In a nutshell: Lou Reed was either great or rubbish, depending on whether you’re me or anyone else who saw the gig.
Also, having tried to upgrade my Kubuntu operating system, Linux will not boot. Hence, I’m stuck using a live CD for the next few days, until I can fix the problem.

I should add that I’ve removed what was perceived as a very rude joke from this post. The point of is not to cause offence, so I’m sorry if I upset anyone. Good luck to Spain Herald on their re-design. Doubtless, though, the content of their website will remain as putrid as ever – despite the fresh coat of paint.