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Ein fucker indepentist of catalonia makes the case for Catalan independence

Catalonia my pute patriot selfdetermination we are a nation with statut!!!!!!
this is the new himne of Catalonia.I am sure that in 2014 will celebrate a new referendum for part of josepo lluis mosso carota rovira.

Mossos Carota=gossos de la Quadra=Gossos de la tura(montse tura)=gossos d’atura

we must exclode of the nation all that is spanish,services burn spanish flag,the constitution book do pis,etc.

We must fight against the transfer selfdetermination country with statute because we are a nation!!!!!!

Our outside minister is apeles carota rovira.We must6 to create delegation in the foreigner and shout as pig or rabbits:selfdetermination we are a nation with statute!!!!autodeterminationen wir sein a nationer mit Statuter!!!!!!!!Catalonia ist ein fucker nationer!!!!!!!

Who said Barcelona Reporter was dead?

BNP Membership list leaked online

What appears to be the complete 2008 membership list for the British National Party has been leaked online today. The list includes names, addresses and occasionally phone numbers, qualifications and even hobbies.

There are already suggestions that this could lead to a collapse in the BNPs funding (by a mass exodus), and that the list might have been posted by a disgruntled party official.

This latest incident appears to be yet another debacle reflecting the seriously divided state of the BNP. While I’m not going to post a link to the list, it is easily available if you do a quick blog search (I’ve seen it). Sod it: Wikileaks has a copy of the list here.

UPDATE: I’m receiving an abnormally large number of direct visits (i.e. no referrer data) today. Could one of you please let me know where you saw my URL posted, so I can see the context, please?

thebadPoll: How should the British press refer to ETA?

Today’s news of a senior commander’s arrest in France has brought ETA into the British press again, rasing as it always does the question of nomenclature.

It is standard for British media organisations to refer to ETA as ‘the Basque separatist group, ETA’, a title which seems perfectly logical to me but which clearly upsets some Spaniards. So this week’s poll considers the linguistics of terror and asks: how should the British press refer to ETA? Please feel free to use the comments section to explain why you picked what you picked.

UPDATED: Oops, forgot one of the choices.

thebadPoll: Will the G20 Finance Summit achieve anything?

As previously mentioned, the 20 largest economies meet this weekend to ‘fix the world financial crisis’ and ‘stop it ever happening again’. With people like Gordon Brown arguing that laissez-faire free market capitalism has died a death, can we really expect anything to change as a result of the summit or will the result be more of the same, please!

The question is simple. Will the G20 Finance Summit achieve anything? Possible answers are: Yes, No, or I would rather have polls about Catalan. Vote early, vote often.

Protest G20 summit this Friday at 1700

The people behind the Crisi newspaper are calling a protest against this weekend’s meeting of 20 major economies. If you’re interested in taking part, check for your nearest demo point here (there are 70 around the world Spain, plus a couple more in cities further afield).

Spain protests taking place:

Barcelona – Plaça Catalunya

Madrid – Puerta del Sol

Valencia – Plaça Ajuntament

Bilbao – Centro Civico de la Bolsa

Sevilla – Plaza Nueva

(and more). It’s worth noting that if you do want to take part, you’d probably be better off joining the protest in the largest town you can get to (i.e. Barcelona, not Sabadell).

It was thebadrash wot won it! Barack Obama takes US presidency

Last night, as I went to bed, the very first precints were announcing results in the US Presidential election. From small areas of eastern states, after about 12,000 votes had been counted, Obama stood at 48% while McCain had 52%. I went to bed with those numbers in my head, convinced that it was impossible for McCain to win but also allowing myself a few fleeting thoughts of just what it would mean if America rejected change for an old man clearly under the spell of the most divisive elements of a radicalising Republican party.

But I needn’t have worried. Ever since my original endorsement of Mr. Obama, in February 2007, he has achieved good results in the polls. Now, I’m not saying that part of his victory doesn’t come down to the $500m of donations he received, the huge voter registration drive or the support he received from diverse elements of the electorate. But let’s face it: there are different degrees of importance when you look at these matters. And my endorsement was one of the important ones.

Seriously though, for those of you who worry that Obama’s just not far enough from McCain and the Republicans in terms of policy: you may well be right. But the important thing here is that positivity seems to have won out against the politics of fear, which is, if nothing else, a firm rejection of everything that nasty prick Bush (and his foul team of acolytes) stood for.

Bush remains president until late January next year. He’s apparently busy signing anti-environment legislation, destruction of the environment being something close to his heart.

Alternative poll: is requiring a nivell C certificate for all civil servants “the same” as the forced tattooing of Jewish prisoners in Nazi concentration camps?

Because some people think it’s the same thing. Just wondering what visitors to thebadrash think about this issue.

In the nazi concentration camps the prisioners had to have a number printed on their skin – for being considered a genuine catalan you need to provide your catalan certificate in order to work. Could anyone tell me where are the differences?

Yeah, seriously. Or perhaps I’m the crazy one.

thebadPoll: republic versus constitutional monarchy in Spain

Over the last 30-odd years, Spain’s politics have been relatively stable. Despite the occasional fascist coup attempt or the more frequent ETA bombings, Spain’s constitutional monarchy seems to have stayed the course. But democracy in Spain wasn’t always presided over by a king. The Second Spanish Republic, target of the 1936 military rebellion, aimed to create a Spain without kings or princes, while Franco’s dictatorship is still praised by some sections of Spanish society for its imposition of order and Catholic purity.

In the end, the Republic failed for various reasons. This week’s poll asks you to pick the best way ahead for Spain. The choices are fairly simple: Constitutional monarchy, republic, or dictatorship. There’s also an “other” option for those who’d like to propose an alternative. As always, your comments are welcome.

My dream about George W. Bush

I’m not someone who regularly remembers dreams. On the whole, my only dream memories seem to be packed with Freudian friction and incredibly odd symbolism. Like last night, I dreamt that I pissed on a bush* and then this guy took us to Berry Pomeroy castle (near where I grew up) and they’d built a huge car park in front of it (it was being dismantled)… but the dream didn’t really go anywhere.

A few months back, I had another dream that I woke remembering. I was strolling around a pleasant Mediterranean town (it looked both Catalan and French) when I happened upon a bar with a couple of tables outside. Sat at one of them was George Bush Jr., nursing one of those Spanish brandy glasses with a pitiful measure of rubbish brandy. There were no Secret Service guys around, so I stepped up and immediately recommended Cardinal de Mendoza as a good Spanish brandy.

He was grateful and bought me a glass too, so I sat down and had a chat with him. My main memory of this chat is that Bush was a charming guy, occasionally clipped but mainly talkative. As I smoked a Ducado, I chatted with Bush about Iraq (he admitted he was wrong but that it had happened so there was nothing much to do).

But when we moved on to crime, we disagreed. I said that I thought that America hadn’t dealt with poverty sufficiently under his presidency. He argued that the sort of people I was talking about were mostly criminals. Shortly afterwards, we went our separate ways; I crossed a bridge and saw Bush’s bodyguards come out of the woodwork.

After I woke, I had the dream of Bush, the good ol’ boy, the bon viveur, the OK guy on my mind… and the taste of Cardenal de Mendoza brandy in my mouth. I liked him.


* Yeah, I know