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An open letter to the management and drivers of SarBus S.A.

Dear Management and Drivers of SarBus S.A.,

I am a regular user of your service and would like to thank you for the innovations you have introduced regarding the flexibility of the timetable for your A3 service (Cerdanyola-Barcelona-Cerdanyola).

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the way your morning service operates a 'grace period' of fifteen minutes, meaning that should I accidentally leave the house late, I can be sure that your bus will not have arrived yet, and that I arrive to work only ten minutes late. Naturally, I always leave the house on time but that doesn't detract from the kindness built-in to your service's flexibility.

But it is the marvel of the evening route to which I must pay my highest homage. Each evening, your A3 service runs with a net time gain of fifteen minutes, meaning that if I leave work fifteen minutes early (assuming I wasn't ten minutes late, of course), I can get home fifteen minutes early! Of course, I leave work on time so I can't really benefit from this wonder of hyper-efficiency and frequently I need to await the arrival of the next 'earlybird' service, often standing at the bus stop for a full forty minutes (time I consider well spent, as it offers me a unique opportunity to dwell on the strength of emotion I feel for your illustrious Sociedad –  a feeling only enhanced by the days you operate the super-earlybird service, which allows me to observe traffic patterns on Avinguda Meridiana for up to fifty minutes).

Ladies and gentlemen of SarBus S.A., I salute your dogged pursuit of the passenger's happiness as well as your understanding that as a bus passenger, I really do have little else to do with my time (well, there's shopping for food and seeing my wife but those aren't exactly priorities).

Sincerely yours,
Tom Clarke

P.S. – as the winter approaches, may I recommend a further randomisation of your timetables: it really keeps me on my toes!

My double life

to: xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
well hello there tomas how are u doin? hvnt spoken to you in a long time u shud hve cum to leeds for my birthday thout sue had told u about it and u were cumin down. as soon as sue arrived she gave me my present well didnt tell me it was my present and i droped it on the floor yeah it was a bottle of wine! never mind thou. so how r u? and ur love life? i believe u r takin my suzie to a wedding dont u be gettin any ideas bout poppin the question while ur there only jokin! wat r u doin now ru still in tesco (i think thats where u were isnt it). hows will doin? ull hve to cum and stay wit us soon oh yeah weve got a house from the first of july so house parties i think r necessary! take care of urself and keep in touch
andrea xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

–the thing is that I never get thse sorts of emails really to me… only to the 'other' Tom Clarke. How many of us are there? Have other Toms received emails for me? Written in txt spk and CoDeZ? Probably not.