Catalan Estatut Referendum

The ‘yes’ vote will certainly win in today’s referendum. In many ways, the new Estatut will be good for Catalonia and for those of us lucky enough to live here. There are many reasons to vote ‘yes’ to this Estatut… but hatred for the PP is not one of them. I hope that those of you who could vote, did. Dissatisfaction with politics can only be fixed by going out there and standing up for what we believe in… the democratic process must surely be the bedrock of our society.

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1 thought on “Catalan Estatut Referendum

  1. A “yes” to the estatut has not been even enough to shut down the huge mouth of the PP. Even with a 100% of people voting, they would have found a way to diminish the validity of a democratic decission by the people of Catalunya. This is another proof of their strategy (or better say non strategy) to win the next elections: A permanent electoral campaign.

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