Catalonia: Enough with the rain already

…yeah, I know we’re in the middle of a drought but si us plau! Surely we’ve got enough water to cancel that bizarre river transfer idea? Can’t we hang out in the sunshine some time? I mean, even if I didn’t want to go to the beach (which I don’t), the satellite’s on the blink most of the time. It’s just not fair.

4 thoughts on “Catalonia: Enough with the rain already

  1. What satellite? I’m still getting BBC World loud & clear this side of Collserola, i.e. in BCN

    I politely beg to disagree as regards persistent rainfall. Honestly, I couldn´t care less if showers thwart seaside weekends, we just need as much water as we can get. Besides, rain helps keep temperatures relatively low, thus making a good night’s rest less of an unattainable ideal in otherwise sleep-challenged BCN.

  2. Hi David, yes, I was really only joking. Though just think of the bumper crop of mosquitoes we’ll face!

    As to the satellite, I am a proper ex-pat (haven’t ‘gone Turk’ like the rest of them) and have arranged to get Murdoch TV beamed straight into my head. Come to think of it, maybe that’s where the problems started…

  3. Murdoch TV beamed straight into your nut…gosh, that sounds absolutely lethal. How do you go about it? don’t tell me you even pay them a fee to undergo this kind of self-inflicted it only because of the premier league? you can watch many Saturday matches on TVE for free, you know. Although I must say the Spanish commentary’s not up to the mark

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