Guiris queue… but for what?

It’s a scene I’ve watched dozens of times, so yesterday I decided to record it for posterity.

12 thoughts on “Guiris queue… but for what?

  1. I think they’re watching the juggler.

    Tom, more surprising than the length of the queue is the fact that you actually went out in Barcelona.

  2. Huh, that’s funny! I’m out in Barcelona all the time. I guess you subscribe to that ‘if I don’t see Tom in Barcelona, he isn’t there’ theory.

  3. I’m not aware of any quality restaurants in Placa Reial. Is there one there one written up in the guides?

  4. Neither do I. However, pretty close to Plaça Reial you can find an excellent restaurant, l’Agut, on street Gignas, 16. Nice service, excellent food, and not really expensive.

  5. I believe it is the Quinze Nits which gets the full 5 bars of guiri satisfaction from (click here to see the reviews).

    Once somewhere like this starts to get decent reviews from travellers, the whole thing snowballs – particularly with the internet involved. Indeed, there’s no such thing as a reliable hint about things any more, as the little bit of advice about a secluded bar you read on a website might have been read by a million others. That’s why I never say where I’ve been in Barcelona: you never know who’s reading.

  6. How did you know? Oh… damn!

    Actually, I love Plaça Reial. I think it’s my favourite place to go in Barcelona. Also, it’s a massive centre of tourist activity and so there’s always stuff to watch. And you can never complain about the guiris because it’s their home territory!

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