How are things in Spain?

How are things in Spain? 23% unemployment. 50% youth unemployment. Public services slashed. Salaries cut. Labour rights attacked. Strikes. Corruption. Decay.

And the king of Spain – always careful to make it look like he cares about these problems – decided to use his time to go on holiday in Botswana, hunting elephant.

Hunting elephant

These people are so out of touch, it’s disgusting. Completely fucking disgusting.

The declaration of a new republic might not solve our problems but it would be a step in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “How are things in Spain?

  1. When someone shoots an elephant do you say to them, “Nice shot” or would that just be ridiculous? The idea of royalty in the 21st century should disgust any thinking person yet tales of princes and princesses continue to capture the imagination of the masses. The last royal wedding was a television juggernaut in Europe as well as America. The clergy also continues to play a bloated role in our lives. Enlightenment? What enlightenment?

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