Norman Tebbit wants the far-right to do well in the European elections

…well, he didn’t say as much but what other explanation could there be for this?

Think about it: if the BNP and UKIP do well at the expense of Tories (and Labour), the result will probably be a rightward shift from the Conservative party, who are already confident of victory in the next general election anyway. That way, Tebbit wins. Grotty little man.

3 thoughts on “Norman Tebbit wants the far-right to do well in the European elections

  1. I think he made it clear he was not encouraging people to vote for the BNP, however you may be on to something.
    But I think Tory high command know that a shift to the right at this stage would be a massive tactical error; Tebbit is just marginal and old-school and yes definitely grotty.

  2. In the hope that many of your readers will be voting for the European elections from Spain and therefore for a Spanish party, I’d like to point out that neither the Brit Conservatives nor Labour seems to want to support their Spanish colleagues (after the Auken Report revealed how the Northern European property-owners are treated here). The Liberals have a party, the CDL, lead by Sean O’Curneen Cañas (half Irish half Spanish – see and with the Nº 4 on the list Jacqueline Cotterill (deputy mayor of Parcent (Alicante). Yes we Can!

  3. In oher news, google translate’s Ukranian Spambot-English feature is still not up to professional standards.

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