PP says No! to peace

Understandable, perhaps, when the demonstration was organised by trade unions… but what possible reason could the Association of Victims of Terrorism have for not attending the march? They are, after all, a nominally apolitical group. In the past, observers have been heavily criticised for suggesting that the AVT has become little more than a grassroots PP activism unit… but it’s all beginning to look a bit more obvious now.

The AVT’s website is dominated by criticism of the Socialist government and a banner which describes the ‘Civic rebellion’ to be ‘unstoppable’. In fact, looking through their site, it’s tough work finding a single example of what the AVT actually does to help victims of terrorism. I’ve been told that even if the AVT has strayed from its original aims, it was founded in good faith. I find this difficult to believe. The whole movement is based on a simple lie: that the necessarily random victims of Basque terrorism, and their families, could somehow all subscribe to the same complex, right-of-centre political philosophy.

One of my favourite sections of the AVT site is their ‘Culture and Entertainment’ section, which features several books about terrorism, Zapatero’s ‘Spain, state in emergency’ and conspiracy theories about the 11-M bombings. Great reading, I’m sure. Sad, though, that innocent and trusting folk all over the country are being invited – with some cojouling -to donate their money to these people who allow political prejudice to get in the way of peace.

4 thoughts on “PP says No! to peace

  1. I can’t believe the PP didn’t show up to the march in Madrid. What total idiots! In the end ZP is going to come off looking much better with his firm stance and apparent dedication to peace. The PP just seem to have a dedication to being stubborn pains in the backside.

  2. PP needs ETA to carry on killing, and ETA needs PP back in power. They need each other and they know it and so they play their script…

  3. I’ll have to check for loony (and ex-terrorist) Pio Moa’s comments following the bombing. I saw it somewhere yesterday and it backs up better than anything else what Rab says here – if I find it I’ll post it.

  4. Here it is: the timeless wisdom of Pio Moa following ETA’s bombong!

    “Desde luego, ningún demócrata dejará de alegrarse del serio golpe recibido por el “proceso de guerra” a la Constitución y al estado de derecho, como le entristecerá el destino de las víctimas, causadas por aquellos a quienes tanto había favorecido el gobierno, corresponsable, por tanto.”

    My quick translation

    “Of course, no democrat could be anything but happy about the serious blow suffered by the ‘war process’ on the Constitution and the rule of law, just as they will be saddened by the destiny of the victims, caused by those who the government, incidentally co-responsible, has favoured so much.”

    So there you have it – Zapatero did it. You can almost imagine him opening a bottle of champagne as he heard about the bombing.

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