Spain Elections #20D – My Prediction: new elections in 2016

Using the very handy ‘Pactometre‘ on Catalan newspaper Ara’s website, combined with the latest polling data (from Andorra’s El Periòdic, cunningly disguised on this Spanish site as a music survey, also now available as a second poll on the Andorra site), I’m increasingly convinced that there will need to be new elections. Unless the polling data is way off (which I fully accept it could be), there is little chance that anyone will be able to form a government and get a president elected by the Congreso.



Latest poll data

(This is just one of the scenarios I’ve tried. Each scenario within the bounds of El Periòdic’s polling – PP low/high, etc. – leads to likely new elections). Maybe Catalonia led the way again?

What’s your prediction for Spain’s elections?

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