Spain Herald is dead! Long live!

…or so it seems, for the time being. Until the single most unpleasant, right-wing-mentalist and all-round nasty website in the world opens up again, we’re declaring victory! Street party at el font de Canaletes!

Meanwhile, has been at Primavera Sound 2006, where we managed to boost Catalonia’s (and Spain’s) economies by buying huge quantities of beer. I’ll post some more organised thoughts on the whole thing shortly. In a nutshell: Lou Reed was either great or rubbish, depending on whether you’re me or anyone else who saw the gig.
Also, having tried to upgrade my Kubuntu operating system, Linux will not boot. Hence, I’m stuck using a live CD for the next few days, until I can fix the problem.

I should add that I’ve removed what was perceived as a very rude joke from this post. The point of is not to cause offence, so I’m sorry if I upset anyone. Good luck to Spain Herald on their re-design. Doubtless, though, the content of their website will remain as putrid as ever – despite the fresh coat of paint.

1 thought on “Spain Herald is dead! Long live!

  1. It seems that 8 days on and the Herald is still down. I wonder if they are building up to a massive Estatut Referendum special that will just say simply “NO” in massive letters.

    So where are those thoughts on Primavera Sound? Sounds like Pete Doherty was lucky to make it. I don’t think the airlines usually look kindly on people injecting Methodone in the toilets – not even Easyjet đŸ™‚

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