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thebadPoll: Smoking in public

ducados-1The other day, Ben at Notes From Spain published a self-styled ‘rant’ about not being able to find a smoke-free restaurant near his house in Madrid. Ben, along with many other English commentators here, is firmly ‘anti-smoke’ and makes the case for a further tightening of anti-smoking legislation in Spain, partly because the current legislation seems to be so poorly enforced. Ben’s post soon attracted numerous comments including one from myself and several from some rather vociferous pro-smokers.

As someone who likes the odd smoke, I’m not really bothered by having a bit of it around when I’m eating. Obviously, the finest restaurants we go to don’t allow smoking inside – and this is also fine by me.

So the first poll of 2009 is about smoking in public. What do you think about it? As usual, you can answer the poll to the left >>* and feel free to leave a comment as well.

Updated:  sorry, I forgot the link to Ben’s blog post.

Updated again: *And no, this was not some mind trick. I meant to the right, but I was thinking about the left sidebar. Too much smoking, perhaps