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Blogging: when to remove comments?

Some website chat follows. If you’re not interested in the ins and outs of such things, I wouldn’t bother reading on.

The other day I received a comment on a post which was not only off-topic and pretty rude but also made with a false email address (I wrote the commenter a polite email asking him to rein it in a little bit and the email bounced back immediately). There was no doubt that I’d remove the comment but even as I did so, it annoyed me a bit that I had to. I don’t like removing comments comments from this blog unless they’re obvious spam, because it always feels somewhat dictatorial.

So I thought I’d refine and simplify my comments policy to make it a little clearer exactly what you need to do to get your comment removed, and what you should do if you think a comment was removed unfairly.

I also want to make it absolutely clear that (a) I’m always very open about my identity when commenting on other blogs and in my own ‘about me’ section; (b) I’m annoyed when other blogs (“lifeincatalonia”, for example), use the comment moderation tool to suppress criticism, argument or clarification – in my opinion, not the way to promote debate on your pages; and (c) that I find it rather creepy when I get three or four different comments from the same IP address using different names, emails and websites… not creepy enough to make me delete your comments but creepy enough to take note.