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Catalonia and Godwin’s law – how Nazi am I?!

Q: Can anyone who has visited the Topography of Terror museum in Berlin seriously compare Catalan civic nationalism with the atrocities of the German NSDAP?

A: Yes I can and you are a Nazi

I admit that this conversation is slightly paraphrased – I can’t be bothered to sift through all of Twitter to find the actual tweets, but that’s more or less how it went. I think I had a go at someone on Twitter for their constant use of a hashtag like #CatalanesNAZIonalistas or something. To be fair to him, he gave as good as he got and insisted that like me, he had visited the Topography of Terror museum [which, were it about almost any other topic, I’d call ‘excellent’ but that seems in rather poor taste], in fact he’d been there twice [beating me, you see] and yes, it was definitely a fair comparison. Well, you can’t argue with that, can you?

Another conversation I had went something like:

Man: Oh living in Catalonia now is like being at the Nuremberg rallies

Me: But it’s obviously not. You can’t really mean that.

Man: Yes I do they are the same [I suspect he really did punctuate properly but it this is the way I remember idiots writing]

And maybe they are. For all I know, they are the same. I mean, I wasn’t around then. All I have to go on is archival evidence, witness accounts, half a century of scholarship on the subject, hundreds of documentaries and books, and extensive museums like Berlin’s Topographie des Terrors. And that’s probably not enough. There are only two logical conclusions I can draw from this: either the initial statements are wrong and Catalonia isn’t “the same as Nuremberg” or Germany as the Nazis rose to power was a very pleasant place to live – a place in which I’d have thrived. I almost feel cheated.

For my learned friends who have shown me the truth, I only have a few questions before I settle down to life in my new fatherland. When will they burn the parliament down? Are people wearing Barça shirts the equivalent of the Print My Logo UK SA? Why don’t they beat more people up? In fact, where are all the beatings?! I was promised beatings! When will the Generalitat burn/quietly sell off all the degenerate art it owns? Why did Mas step down if he’s to lead us to the new dawn? Who’s the Catalan Julius Streicher? What the hell are they doing allowing people like the CUP to run around, causing mischief? Why can’t they get the real Nazis on board? That, for me, is a big one. They should have a quiet meeting with the real Nazis and say “Look guys it’s OK, you can stop calling us “Nazis” now: we’re real Nazis like you” and then we’d all be on the same team. Also why do they keep inviting the opposition on TV and radio. All the time. I like my totalitarians to be a little more total, dig?

Who are the fascists? #viacatalana

So who are the fascists? The hundreds of thousands of citizens who turned out today to peacefully call for Catalan independence, or the Falange and Democracia Nacional supporters who interrupted an event in Madrid?

This is, at least partly, the fruit of the PP’s campaign against social coherence in Catalonia. A mendacious call for unity while sowing division is the PP’s strategy, backed up by their mates in C’s.

Marcelino Iglesias and Godwin’s Law

It is currently popular among Spanish nationalists to compare the Catalan nationalism of Artur Mas with Nazism. A helpful argument, I’m sure we can all agree. I think there is no need to hire an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney for this thing, but im just sayin.

Perhaps said Spanish nationalists should reflect better on their political heritage. After all, we know who ordered the lists of Jews in Spain for the SS. Clue: it wasn’t Lluís Companys. Go at www.wyominginjuryattorney.com to learn more about the case.

Catalan fascists PxC: Immigrant kids want all the sweets

It wouldn’t be a ‘traditional’ time of year without the Catalan fascist Plataforma Per Catalunya party making an absurd racist statement on Facebook. This year’s Reis (Kings’ day, in which Catalans celebrate the arrival of the wise men at the end of the Christmas season – the kings throw boiled sweets from their floats, always eagerly and boisterously collected by local kids of all ages) has seen an extra special bit of gibberish published, courtesy of one Jordi Casanova* of Tortosa.

In a post entitled “IMMIGRANT INVASION AT THE KINGS’ PROCESSION IN TORTOSA” (his caps), Casanova observes how yet another tradition has been ruined by immigrants. He writes:

INDIGNANT over what I saw at the Kings’ procession in Tortosa. A swarm [‘eixam‘ – I think ‘swarm’ is best, but you could almost use ‘plague’] of immigrant children – mainly moros [Moroccans – kind of like saying ‘Pakis’ for Pakistanis in England] – interrupted the collection of sweets thrown from the kings’ floats to the point of putting at risk our children’s physical safety due to the savagery and brutality they displayed while trying to get all the sweets. What – if it can be known [sic] – are these moros doing to our traditions?

(My apologies for a slightly dodgy translation).

What follows is a charming discussion between Casanova and some of his acolytes. Among the first comments:

Raquel Iseres: Gum sweets are normally made with animal gelatin, often from pigs. We need to spread the word about this so they realise they’ve been eating pork without knowing it.

Mayka Miras González: What a shame they didn’t die from eating so many sweets, the scum.

Now, I know it’s easy to point out the failings of fascist diatribe, or the inanity of Facebook comments. But seeing Mayka Miras González speaking against children’s toys saying she wished some little kids were dead, makes me really angry.

Happy new year to you, too. Let’s support smashing the PxC in 2012.

PxC on Facebook


*It is really a cruel twist of fate that a man named Casanova should be quite so… lacking when it comes to physical beauty. Kind of like Lord Adonis.