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thebadPoll: Will the G20 Finance Summit achieve anything?

As previously mentioned, the 20 largest economies meet this weekend to ‘fix the world financial crisis’ and ‘stop it ever happening again’. With people like Gordon Brown arguing that laissez-faire free market capitalism has died a death, can we really expect anything to change as a result of the summit or will the result be more of the same, please!

The question is simple. Will the G20 Finance Summit achieve anything? Possible answers are: Yes, No, or I would rather have polls about Catalan. Vote early, vote often.

Protest G20 summit this Friday at 1700

The people behind the Crisi newspaper are calling a protest against this weekend’s meeting of 20 major economies. If you’re interested in taking part, check for your nearest demo point here (there are 70 around the world Spain, plus a couple more in cities further afield).

Spain protests taking place:

Barcelona – Plaça Catalunya

Madrid – Puerta del Sol

Valencia – Plaça Ajuntament

Bilbao – Centro Civico de la Bolsa

Sevilla – Plaza Nueva

(and more). It’s worth noting that if you do want to take part, you’d probably be better off joining the protest in the largest town you can get to (i.e. Barcelona, not Sabadell).