thebadPoll: Is Bullfighting a vital part of Spanish culture?

Before I go to Menorca [which, according to my own rules, I should be calling ‘Minorca’, damn it!], there’s just time for a new badPoll. Today’s poll is a really special one, because it’s presented in partnership with a very special guest:

Yes, that’s right: is very pleased to announce that this badPoll is sponsored by none other than ‘Uncle’ Mariano ‘Wild Eyes’ Rajoy!

And it gets better! Uncle Mariano has agreed to abide by the results of this badPoll, meaning that your votes could make the difference between Una, Grande y Libre and the kind of namby-pamby commie, animal husbanding Catalan-loving hellhole that ZP, the judiciary (some of the time) and their Barça-supporting cronies want.

The question is really simple: Is Bullfighting a vital part of Spanish culture? You might rephrase it by asking: is Catalonia’s decision to ban bullfighting ‘an act of genocide’ (thanks, Jorge ‘morro’ Moragas!)? Or can Spain live without this barbarity celebration of torture killing a cow in public?

As always, you can vote in the sidebar over there >>>

7 thoughts on “thebadPoll: Is Bullfighting a vital part of Spanish culture?

  1. Bullfighting is certainly important for Spain, Portugal and parts of France. And that’s only Europe we’re talking. I wish it was different. Interesting to see those voters who take their wish to be reality. Looks familiar…

    Great photo, btw! Kind of symbolises his way of facing politics. 😀

  2. Is it VITAL? Is banning it an act of genocide? Surely, with all your nuance and subtlety, you’re not going to claim that this is the case. Come on, it’s something has powerful symbolism in Spain mainly because of Manuel Fraga and that berk, Hemmingway. Hardly anyone ever goes to it.

  3. Ah, vital! Sure not. And I reserve “genocide” for cases I know. I said (and voted) for “important”.

    But maybe you’ve not traveled much about Spain. Bullfighting is popular and an important/distinctive element of foklore. Not because of the amount of people who actually watch it, but as part of cultural imagery. Even in Catalonia the vote was all but unanimous.

    What problem is there that I state the obvious?

    PS: The “don’t know/don’t care” option has shifted to +2%, with the same 0 votes. I like.

  4. Can we assume the bad rash will also come out against torturing bulls with fire?

    Hope you had a nice holiday. 🙂

    1. Hi Sue! Yes, I’m obviously 100% against that. In fact, I thought I wrote about it a couple of years ago, but I can’t find any evidence of it now. Possibly I joined in the debate on someone else’s blog.

      That the Catalan parliament decided to protect the exception set aside for ‘their’ bull torturing (which ranges from fairly mild, and still unacceptable, bull running, to the bou embolat) was a pretty cheap political swivel which probably saved a few seats but gave away any genuine capital they gained by banning bullfighting in the first place. There was some serious, considered, shouting at the television in Can Thebadrash that day, I can tell you.

      1. Good to hear it, it would be a fine resolution of Spain’s problems if people started rating activities not on their origins and cultural associations, but on their intrinsic merits.

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