thebadPoll: Song for a desert island

Now before I get started with this re-inauguration of thebadPoll, let me clarify something: this is a different type of thebadPoll that’s entirely comment-driven. The old fashioned voting one will be back next week. This actually started out as a ‘what song would you like played at your funeral?’ post… but I felt that I risked sounding way too morbid for a cheerful late-summer Saturday evening.

My question to you is simple: which song would you pick if you had to pick just one song? Imagine yourself on a desert island, with only one song to accompany you… what would it be? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below… if you comment with a YouTube/similar link, I’ll add the video to this post.

My choice: it was a difficult decision, but currently I lean in favour of I’ll Be Your Mirror, by Lou Reed, performed by Nico and the Velvet Underground. It’s a near-perfect love song with great guitar that still manages to pack some poetic punch. Here’s a video, in case you didn’t already know this fantastic piece of music.


From Sophie:


From Than:


From Algernon:


From El Primo:


From Mike:


9 thoughts on “thebadPoll: Song for a desert island

  1. It’s difficult, as I always want to listen to what I’m really into at the moment. That changes, so I’d just have to hope that whatever is cool with me this week would survive repeated listenings.
    With that in mind, here’s a song by Bonny ‘Prince’ Billy:
    Or was it Raekwon? I often get them confused.

  2. It’s off Will Oldham’s new album, no? Yes, this is a time-relevant choice. I suppose the question could have been “What tune gets you going right now?”.

  3. @Mike – You’re absolutely right… how about next weekend? Hope all’s well in the MotoEspaña business!

    @El Primo – Sister Ray is a great choice. I could probably spend years trying to work out all the fuzzy lyrics. I’ll Be Your Mirror is a short song, but that’s one of its great qualities: every time it ends, I think “again! again!”.

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