and branching out

Hello there! Long time, no see!

Over the years, this blog has evolved. At first I shared links (that’s what blogs used to be for), talked about books and music, and explored some of my innocent ideas about politics. Some time after March 2004, I felt inexorably drawn into the debate on Catalan language policy and the Catalan national question in general. And we’ve had some fun debates here. Who could forget the heady days of the Spain Herald folding, and Iberian Notes closing down? Or the excellent response I got to my ‘Some questions…’ posts?

The problem was that whenever I wrote about other topics – books, music, links, food, travel, etc – I’d get hardly any response at all. Which is pretty frustrating because of all the topics I ever write about, Catalan independence is… well, it’s not the one that interests me the most.

Over the last few months, I’ve been toying with different solutions to this problem. I decided that I’d either rebrand this blog and try to branch out into other topics of discussion, or I’d keep for Catalan politics and related topics and start another blog for stuff that everyone else in the world is interested in. I’ve gone for the latter option. is my new ‘homepage’. It’ll be about just about any topic I can think of, except Catalan and Spanish politics. It needs some maquillage pas cher design and lots more content but it’s fresh and new and exciting*. Look, it already has a short post about Martiniquan jazz!

Meanwhile, I do intend to update this place from time to time. Però, poc.

See you at the other place. Until then, adéu siau!


*OK that’s pushing it a bit.

5 thoughts on “ and branching out

  1. Bravo on the domain name. Even shorter than mine!

    That which most interested everyone else here never really interested me, so I look forward to the change.

  2. @Erik – thanks. Yeah, I started the rebranding process on Twitter and then realised that the domain was available too. This is also partly about the domain name as thebadrash while emphatically mine, sounds shit/like I have a disease (as has been kindly pointed out various times by Trevor @Kalebeul).

  3. Man, Tom, thebadrash has become a classic. Fuck us politicomaniacs, anyways you were always setting the topics.

    But so be it. Your work will forever be there, in history. Good luck with the new start. I promise I’ll surf it, I know I’ll enjoy it. Even if I don’t leave many comments, fuck me, I’m boring.

    I’m now adding tombcn to my blogroll, for what it’s worth.

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