What is Royal Trux? Pt.1

Friends and well-wishers may well know that my favourite rock band is the Royal Trux, a Washington DC/Chicago/San Francisco outfit from the 1990s. Combining a Keith Richards-heroin-blues-boogie-woogie aesthetic with Captain Beefheart craziness and the musical theories of Ornette Coleman, Royal Trux rocked on a different level. The band consisted of Neil Hagerty on guitar and vocals and Jennifer Herrema on lead vocals. Most of their records were released on Drag City until, following the huge popularity of grunge rock (a scene they weren’t really remotely connected to), Virgin Records offered them a huge 3 album deal. When Virgin realised that they hadn’t signed the next Nirvana, they panicked and paid Royal Trux off after only two of the three albums had been recorded. The Trux went back to Drag City. They split in 2001 after Jennifer Herrema ‘was caught with an alcoholic beverage in her hand’ (they’d been clean for years).

Well, if that hasn’t done enough to pique your interest, have a look at this promotional video, filmed for the album Thank You by Virgin Records. It should make things much clearer.


7 thoughts on “What is Royal Trux? Pt.1

  1. cool video. the groups resulting from the split are pretty good: rtx and howling hex. saw howling hex in NY last St Patrick’s day weirdly enough — very cool.

  2. @Paul – I’ve seen RTX… they were great. But I’m a much bigger fan of the Howling Hex. Their latest album’s brilliant. I just hope they decide to tour Europe some time.

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