3 thoughts on “Whoever voted for this party is a nasty so and so

  1. Rather than gynecologists, the Lega/Liga Nord certainly is the party of disgruntled shop-owners and angry “padroncini”, small-time employers typical for Norhern Italy. All of these are now facing particularly uncertain times, with the Italian economy in a big slump it’ll be very unlikely to pull itself out of in the foreseable future.

    To take the spite out on the weak…not unheard of, unfortunately. It used to be the Jews in the 30s, along with the “lowly Slavs”, of course, those pesky Slovenes and Croats who refused to be Italian, ring any bells?

    They even copied the German racial laws, allegedly “under pressure form the Axis allies”.

    Wait and see till we come across similar rubbish this side of the Med as the Spanish mad casino economy deteriorates. In this picture they’ve got the Chinese (violent clashes between Chinese traders and cops in Milan)lined up alongside Romanian gypsies (major shanty towns outside Roem and other big cities, like Cañada Real outside Madrid, Africans (the so-called “vucumprà”, a racist slur for ambulant traders much maligned by the right-wing media since they apparently “ruin the trade of respectable shops owned by law-abiding citizens”) and of course the all-important “marocchini”, the Islamic threat that threatens to swamp Italy and turn it into another province of Al Qaeda’s Caliphate, at least according to said media.

    Of course , no mention’s ever made of the fact that the Italian agricultural sector would break down overnight if it couldn’t rely on labourers from the Maghreb states , particularly in Silicy, Camapania and Puglia, and this despite the recent massive influx of cheap labour force from Eastern Europe. No word about the massacres perpetrated on the Libyan population by the Kingdom of Italy, either, that still overshadow that country’s relationship with the Arab states.

  2. Lega Nord are verminous separatist racists, just like…

    Sorry, I’m taking the piss. They are frightening. They spin the same “immigrants get a free flatscreen telly” lies as the BNP, except in this case they are actually the government!

    What kind of slogan is “Vote for us and we’ll stop giving a load of things to immigrants (which we don’t actually give them anyway)”? At least the policy would cost nothing to implement.

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