You call this an olive?

Some people in Spain take their olives very seriously indeed. Like this chap from Gijón who received a dish of olives as a tapa to accompany the drink he’d ordered.

Upon trying the olives, he apparently ‘went mental’, complained about the olives, insulted the bar owner and proceeded to cause €500 worth of damage to the joint, throwing tables and chairs at passing vehicles, and smashing glasses and bottles.

Perfectly reasonable behaviour, you might well think. And I’d agree. What sort of disgraceful behaviour would make you totally flip out?

4 thoughts on “You call this an olive?

  1. I think the sun is causing Spaniards to go nuts for no reason this year. In my town and old woman who constantly puts up with abuse from teenagers, finally had the courage to answer back. One of the group, a 15 year old boy, punched her in the face leaving her needing stitches. Ambulance and two police cars arrived along with the boy’s parents. After a 5 minute chat, he was let free.

    After that I felt 10X more pissed off than the Olive Guy.

  2. I have to be honest and say that I’ve killed for a lot less: a croqueta that isn’t fully fried, too much vinegar in the papas aliñás, stale bread for my montadito, but bad olives? Dude, do you remember that scene in Terminator when Arnold returns to the police station and greases about 50 people? That would be a good start if someone gave me a tapa of crappy olives. The problem is that in Valencia they don’t really do tapas. ¡What a freaking hellhole!

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