A Congressional Gold Medal Don’t Come For Free

Now, this is just hilarious: former Spanish PM (and generally, like, my #1 favourite guy), José María Aznar, is under investigation after a group of lawyers alleged that his government spent public money lobbying for him to be awarded the USA Congress’s Gold Medal. The allegation has been around for about four years but only now is the Spanish judiciary really looking into it.

Aznar’s quest for gold failed, incidentally. He did, however, manage to arrange for the Spanish people to pay for his daughter’s wedding. Well, someone had to, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “A Congressional Gold Medal Don’t Come For Free

  1. You don’t mean Tory Bliar, do you? Everybody could see his hand was shaking with fear at the beginning of the day’s proceedings as he lifted that glass of water. Most of the questioning was pretty lame though and sensing he’d be given a very easy time of it he later came into his own and told us all over again our world was a better place without Saddam, never mind those old WMDs, and that we all had to be very grateful to him and Dubya for it. So definitely no need to collect bail money for Slick Tony. As to Mr Ansar’s legal headaches, there’s a bigger chance to witness an independence vote in the Basque country than there’ll ever be of him winding up before a court of justice or behind bars at The Hague.

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