Another king bites the dust!

Great news from Nepal. After 150 [actually, it was nearly 250 years] years of ruling the country as living gods, the Nepalese monarchy has been abolished by its people (well, they did it last month, but the former king has just spent his last night in the palace). It’s always good news when kings are deposed as they are, without exception, national parasites with few duties but many ‘historic rights’. The Nepalese people have taken a huge step today. The ‘royal’ palaces will now become museums.

Oh, and apparently, panic buying is ensuing in Spain. I didn’t want to join in but then I wondered: what if I’m the only sensible person and everyone else panic buys? What price would I pay for being calm and superior? So actually I went and stocked up on a bit of veg and meat, the things I figure might run out if this strike continues. Sadly, a truck driver was killed on the picket yesterday… not sure if he was trying to cross it but that’s irrelevant.

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