Are the Brits the most racist Catalans?

Most of the genuine Catalan people I know ( real ones – not the ones who are called Jordi Gárcia Sánchez et al)”

You won’t hear many Catalans spouting this kind of crap (though I know ‘charnego’ still gets chucked about sometimes by the knuckle-draggers and mouth-breathers). So why would a dodgy English blogger from a two-donkey village outside Barcelona* try to get away with it?

Note also the smooth practice of closing comments on a post when you’ve been proven wrong continues as if it’ll never go out of fashion.

*No relation.

6 thoughts on “Are the Brits the most racist Catalans?

  1. I can’t believe that blog.
    The ‘About’ section was pretty funny – asking for people to write in about their negative experiences in Catalonia.
    Although, he has been resident in Catalonia for 20 years, so maybe we should all take notice.
    Or maybe not.

  2. “( real ones – not the ones who are called Jordi Gárcia Sánchez et al)”? What a stupid remark. I’ve met Catalan speakers, routinely speaking the language at home with their families, having two unequivocal Spanish surnames. This would originate from immigrant ancestors that came to Catalonia several generations ago and learned and adopted the language.

    “The second and third generations have lost the plot and really don’t have a Danny La Rue(clue)and are far too radical.” I’ve met Spanish people who made similar comments. Apparently there’s a school of thought according to which the second generation “charnegos”, as people who have this opinion would say, become radical separatists in an attempt to appear as more Catalan than the “real” Catalans themselves. This perception, which doesn’t make any sense, would come from a similar phenomenon taking place in the Basque Country (or so they say).

  3. That’s right. I am from England but my surname is Scottish. In my house, we don’t sit round speaking Gaelic to each other, which is what my Morrison ancestors did. We are English now and that is that.

  4. Well, that’s just it. What worries me is that this guy obviously thinks he sounds like an insider, despite the fact that he simultaneously does things like quote La Razón as a source of info about the Consultations. He’s obviously a clueless buffoon. Apparently a racist one too.

  5. There was a campaign orchestrated by the right-wing, nationalist media in Madrid against Carod-Rovira, accusing him that his real surname was Lopez or Perez, and that his father was a Guardia Civil from Zaragoza. Apparently they thought that this would discredit him before the Catalan nationalists. Just goes to show how nuts these people can be.

  6. That guy that lives in Sant Fost is an absolute arsehole.
    He is what Billy Connolly would refer to as “a total cunt”.

    I have been in the pro-independence camp for a while now (before I was a “federalist”)and this sort of issue has never, ever come up, quite the opposite. The fact that there are many Perez and Sanchez in favour of independence (whether their parents are from Badajoz or Balaguer) is something everybody is proud of. I speak Spanish with my parents & family (they are both from southern Spain) and I have never in my life been called ‘charnego’ in Catalonia. They only people that use that word seem to be Spanish intent on creating divisions in society.

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