9 thoughts on “Couldn’t have said it better myself

  1. It’s a propaganda story and it involves the complicity of the entire media, public and private in the UK. I think this makes it interesting.

  2. That is true. So old Harry shouldnt be in the army then, as it seems pointless him joining, if he cannot go to war. Sure its propaganda but I would say it might act to recruit more fighters against British troops. See if they can get the prince’s head

  3. Actually, we could well see the Australians vote for a republic some time soon. Perhaps that will stir up some anti-monarchy feeling in the UK too?

    Republics for Spain, England, Wales and Catalonia!

  4. Not even sure how the public would vote on that one in UK. The British public are a funny bunch. On that note there is talk of a referendum here for a full parliament..could be a while yet.

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