EU parliament election results in Catalonia

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The results in Catalonia were a mixture of ‘more of the same’ and a disappointingly low turn out. The PSOE-PSC won again, albeit with a share of the vote that dropped from 42% to 35%. CiU were next, their share increasing 5 points to 22%. In fact, CiU were the only major party to see their actual number of votes rise in a worryingly low turnout of 37%. The PP gained a 1 point increase in their share of the vote, while ERC came fourth with a small drop in their share.

Interestingly, there were 72,681 spoiled or blank votes, which taken together constitute the 6th biggest constituency in the election, after IU-ICV who got 6% of the total vote. I’m told by a friend that there were also 6 times as many of these spoiled or blank votes than there were in the last EU parliament election.

Among the newer parties running this year, Iniciativa Internacionalista gained more votes than Rosa Diez’s UPyD – but both failed to get 1% of the vote here. Veritas and Esquerra Anticapitalista received 0.36% and 0.26% respectively.

The older style fascist parties look to have made some gains but their numbers are still so low that it’s hard to be too worried. The Falange Española de las JONS nearly tripled their number of votes… to a total of 1,575. The Falange Auténtica and Democracia Nacional also increased their number of votes, but the total number of people voting for far-right parties in Catalonia (no, I’m not including the PP), remains very low.

Table of results:


Full table available at El País.

3 thoughts on “EU parliament election results in Catalonia

  1. @el primo – thanks for the links, this is indeed interesting.
    “Entre los datos que le hacen pensar en un fraude, citó que en Castilla-León, Castilla La Mancha y La Rioja Izquierda Castellana ha bajado de su voto tradicional entre el 50 y el 75 %”.

    It’s too early to say but these reductions coupled with the massive increase in spoiled/blank ballots should definitely be investigated.

  2. It is fraud.

    If it was a genuine technical error, the distribution of errors would be random.
    However, all the irregularities are to the detriment of pro-independence parties (II, ERC, etc) and to the benefit of fascists or pro-Spanish parties.
    I smell a rat.
    This puts Spain in the same league as a Banana republic.
    Check VilaWeb and Avui for details, the mainstream Spanish media seems to be hiding this fraud. Unbelievable.

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