Fox News and the ‘split’ vote

If you haven’t seen this video, it’s quite amusing. A Fox News Channel roving reporter asks the customers in a diner somewhere in Pennsylvania who they’re planning to vote for, and the vast majority raise their hands for Barack Obama.


My question: does the word ‘split’ always imply ‘into equal parts’? Or does the presence of a couple of McCain supporters actually make the ‘split’ word accurate, if still misleading?

4 thoughts on “Fox News and the ‘split’ vote

  1. Actually I don’t think even one person raised their hand for McCain – the elderly guy at the back did and the woman next to him pulled it down and then they both put their hands up for Obama. The only other person who put their hand up for McCain was the reporter himself (thinking he was out of shot and clearly trying to sway opinion).

    Classic Fox News clip!

  2. MC – Yeah, I think you’re right. I guess that makes the ‘split’ even more difficult to explain. Perhaps he was referring to gender. I mean, he couldn’t have been outright lying. On national TV.

  3. I´d like to see that same question asked in Iowa, Montana, Indiana, and anywhere in inner America. I am sure the results would be much much diferent. The coasts are historically left moderates whereas the mainland is right wing, in many cases extreme.

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