Francisco Camps resigns Valencia presidency after admitting bribery

The PP president of Valencia, Francisco Camps, has finally resigned today [link in Catalan] after two years of outright lies in the Gürtel corruption case.

He started changing his story last week, after he said there ‘was a chance’ he received several suits and other items as gifts from companies involved in a huge corruption racket with the Valencian Generalitat. Today it became clear that Camps would ‘admit’ the charges of illegal bribery and pay a €46,000 fine – but avoid a trial which could take place during national elections in Spain this autumn. At first it seemed that he might also try to hold onto his office but that seems to have been ruled out either in Valencia or in Madrid.

Three other accused PP officials will also apparently admit the charges.

Did Rajoy finally pull his finger out and take control of the situation? Does Camps have dirt on lots of other PP members (as we have suspected for years)? Only time will tell: it will take one hell of a scandal to stop the PP winning this autumn. Bring it on.

3 thoughts on “Francisco Camps resigns Valencia presidency after admitting bribery

  1. If Rajoy had had guts and organisational ability Camps would have been out on his ear a couple of years ago. There must be more to national elections than swapping one provincial nitwit for another.

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