Nightmare in Cerdanyola

I had a dream last night that I received some sort of prize from the communist mayor of Cerdanyola. I think it was for coming 1st in a treasure hunt.

But after I had a chat with him, I realised that in fact he was none other than Federico Jiménez Losantos, former communist, right-wing shock jock and utterly mad conspiracy theorist. Also, he only had one hand.

It was an imagery-laden dream and while not exactly terrifying (I had won first place, after all), I can’t help but wonder what the significance might be of having Losantos talk to me in my sleep, in Catalan.

4 thoughts on “Nightmare in Cerdanyola

  1. > Also, He only had one hand.

    I wonder whether either your mayor or my Freddie really deserve upper-case treatment. I’m sure there are still plenty of people who think Maragall is God, but we need to draw a limit somewhere.

  2. I’m absolutely certain. Actually, I spent the weekend in London and got back late last night. I briefly flicked through a copy of ‘Ríu Sec’, the town-hall’s propaganda rag yesterday, so that must have put the mayor into my mind.

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