Scratching another bad rash

I’ve adopted a new design. It’s not perfect, but neither was the last one (which I think this emulates fairly well). The new look was necessary because the previous theme I was using doesn’t support various features of the newer versions of WordPress.

There are still things to be fixed, but I’m pretty much finished tweaking the design for now. Please let me know if there’s anything particularly glaring that you don’t like about it.

9 thoughts on “Scratching another bad rash

  1. I’m a bit envious of your CSS skills.

    But criticism: It was better to have the pro and con votes separately. It contained more info than substracting one from the other.

    (That said, this feature is always a bit of onanism, not of the blogger, but of the visitors. I never get to come, because I always comment in blogs where the majority if the visitors is against my views. So for me you can scrap the whole thing.)

  2. For someone who works for a ‘big’ website, my CSS skills are atrociously bad. That’s why I just adapt someone else’s theme 🙂

    As to the comments voting: I was thinking of making it a more positive thing: you can ‘Like’ a comment, but not ‘Unlike’ one (à la Facebook). The negative votes on older comments stand, but that option is no longer available. Do you still think it’d be nice to see the option to vote negatively?

    By the way, does the page load slowly for you? I thought the new look was quicker, but maybe not.

  3. Looks to me that it loads just like before.

    Oh, do the voting system as you please, but I do not think that hiding stuff is any good in any case. The forced positivism is soooo for sissies. It was all ok before.

    (Copying CSS design, eh? But who doesn’t!!!)

  4. It’s no bad. The only thing I see is it’s not scalable horizontally. When I resize the browser window, the contents don’t shrink accordingly and the stuff on the right is left out. In order for everything to fit inside the window, the window needs be too wide for my tastes.

    1. OK. Personally, I prefer maximised windows. I know a few folks who like to resize the windows but that does strike me as quite a rare taste.

      I generally view the blog on a pretty big iMac monitor. I was careful to ensure that it didn’t just look good to me. It essentially fits the 1024×800 monitor (so far as I’ve seen), and frankly, that represents most of the very few people who visit this blog.

      That said, I’ll look into whether there’s a way of making it more scalable.

      There is also a mobile version available, if you have an iPhone or Android phone.

      1. Yes, I noticed that Windows and Mac users tend to use only one window at a time. I usually have at least three open windows all the time and usually many more. Another reason why I don’t like fully maximised windows is that text lines get way too long for comfortable reading. It’s been sciantifically proven that the optimal line length is in the range of 10 to 12 words per line. In a wide screen monitor, and even in a non-wide one, you get two or three times that.

  5. Nonsense. Contents are not meant to shrink. If anything, they get squeezed tighter, and this page does it until it simply runs out of space.

    Have fun trying it on the Wikipedia startpage and see to what extremes they allow for squeezing. TBR is reasonable in this respect.

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