12 thoughts on “Utter nonsense/Why I’m not walking down Passeig de Gràcia

  1. They are indeed part of the problem. But, only them? And who is offering a solution? And which?

    As you recommended, I have read the article. I saw nothing strange in it and that makes me wonder why you see it so negatively.

  2. Between this and The Guardian’s article, it makes you wonder on what these useless hacks spend their expenses on, and on what planet some people are living in.

    Candide, my dear, since the federalist door has been slammed down on Catalan faces, there are only two solutions: status quo and independence. I happen to think that people and their elected reprsentatives in the Catalan parliament should be allowed to vote on the issue if such a majority exists. It is called democracy in action. Simples.

  3. Thanks, Tom. Hope you too.

    My question about what is wrong with the w-post article was sincere. I know you must have reasons, and I already feel a little dumb.

  4. The Post article was lifeless, stuffed with dull, rehashed stereotypes and lacking even the most rudimentary incision. It’s just crap.

  5. Oh, that’s true. Maybe I have assumed too much as normal that they regularly go for sterotypes in that kind of article. It’s an agency piece.

    I do not find it, however, blatently incorrect.

    But let Emma be the objective judge 😀

  6. This is typical of the news we get here in the US in regards to Catalan issues. I’ve seen more biased reporting on other newspapers, this was nothing really. I don’t see it as something to get too worked up about.

    If it bothers anyone enough, why not write a letter to the editor.

  7. Thanks, Candide! 🙂

    Actually, it needs some changes, and I won’t be able to apply them until Sunday.

    I liked the old look, and will try to stay quite close to it. The problem was that the theme I was using was very old and didn’t support any of the newer features in WordPress. So I was having to add bits of code to it myself, or perform very clumsy fixes. I’m not a programmer, so this was an undesirable state of affairs.

    It may well be that I experiment with a few other themes, but I quite like this one….

  8. US news is shite. I’m a Brit who lived there for 22 years and bloody hated the place. Americans have no clue about what’s going on in the rest of the world and their newspapers show it. Like you said, utter crap.

    Loved the World Cup final, btw. Perfect result.

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