Statistics of corruption in Spain

Franco’s Little Helper* over at Kalebeul has an amusingly perverse analysis of how the two major political parties in Spain account for most of the local corruption investigations here. The great thing about proposing a new statistical analysis is that feeling of deciding the size of the goal. And where it will be placed.

*I’m sure Trevor won’t mind me calling him that, given that he’s an avowed supporter of the ultra-nationalist UPyD.

4 thoughts on “Statistics of corruption in Spain

  1. I’ll get back to you on that one and nationalism in general. Someone trying to be nice to me the other day called me a civic nationalist, which I didn’t feel particularly chuffed about either. Mr Escolar says the UPyD is going to be the third force at the next generals, and doesn’t sound too upset about it, so I don’t know whether you’d want to lump him in with me.

  2. UPyD third force? Are you out of your mind?
    I don’t think they will stay together in time for the election!

    Anywayt, the last thing Spain needs is more nationalist parties, innit?

  3. I think is not good to impose regional languages, although are important to writers. Common people dont need regional language.

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