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BNP Membership list leaked online

What appears to be the complete 2008 membership list for the British National Party has been leaked online today. The list includes names, addresses and occasionally phone numbers, qualifications and even hobbies.

There are already suggestions that this could lead to a collapse in the BNPs funding (by a mass exodus), and that the list might have been posted by a disgruntled party official.

This latest incident appears to be yet another debacle reflecting the seriously divided state of the BNP. While I’m not going to post a link to the list, it is easily available if you do a quick blog search (I’ve seen it). Sod it: Wikileaks has a copy of the list here.

UPDATE: I’m receiving an abnormally large number of direct visits (i.e. no referrer data) today. Could one of you please let me know where you saw my URL posted, so I can see the context, please?