BNP Membership list leaked online

What appears to be the complete 2008 membership list for the British National Party has been leaked online today. The list includes names, addresses and occasionally phone numbers, qualifications and even hobbies.

There are already suggestions that this could lead to a collapse in the BNPs funding (by a mass exodus), and that the list might have been posted by a disgruntled party official.

This latest incident appears to be yet another debacle reflecting the seriously divided state of the BNP. While I’m not going to post a link to the list, it is easily available if you do a quick blog search (I’ve seen it). Sod it: Wikileaks has a copy of the list here.

UPDATE: I’m receiving an abnormally large number of direct visits (i.e. no referrer data) today. Could one of you please let me know where you saw my URL posted, so I can see the context, please?

6 thoughts on “BNP Membership list leaked online

  1. The BNP list is one thing, wait to until the publication of the Full membership of UK Freemasons – See who they are, what jobs they hold and which positions they sit in government.

    – The publication of this Mason list will most likely cause public outrage and a revolution before tomorrow morning.

  2. @ Free Mason Tory – well, if you’re offering to leak it to thebadrash, that could probably be arranged. We all know Prince Philip is chief spider monkey, or whatever the title is… what else can you tell us?

  3. Just thought I would let you know that Prince Philip has never been initiated into Freemasonry. Also, there is no organisation called UK Freemasons. There is United Grand Lodge of England, with a different, though compatible constitution to other Grand Lodges around the world, indeed there is a Scottish Grand Lodge. There is no ruling Masonic council or any other type leadership committee of International Freemasons. BTW the “United” in United Grand Lodge of England comes from the time when two seperate Grand Lodges operated within England until they were united as one.

  4. I’ve already downloaded it. You never know, might even come in handy some day for house-hunting purposes. It’s always best to know if any fascist thug happens to live in your immediate neighbourhood.

    George-cross flags used to be a reliable tell-tale sign to go by in the good old days of the Anti-Nazi League. That was indeed a very long time ago and is no longer the case, particularly after Blair & Brown successfully revamped and relaunched good old English nationalism under the guise of ‘Cool Britannia’,’British values’ or some such thing. Now that rag can be seen everywhere whenever there’s a major championship involving England.

  5. I personally see nothing offensive in the George Cross. I do however, see offence in the Union Flag. The Butchers apron is an affront to all the nations flags that were bastardised for it.
    Nothing mkes my heart swell like a saltire flying proudly, but I am a CIVIC democratic Scottish Nationalist. No racists , no facists, no bigots…

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