thebadPoll: Is Catalan independence now inevitable?

So now that the estelades have stopped waving in Diagonal and Via Laeitana, what will be the overall result of this march? Is Catalonia really a big step closer to independence now? Or is this a flash in the pan that’ll recede when the economy picks up? Do you feel that a change has happened here? Or do you reckon it’s just more of the same?

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3 thoughts on “thebadPoll: Is Catalan independence now inevitable?

  1. I think the groundswell of anger over current economic conditions was the only inevitable part. Of the million plus at the march on Tuesday, how many were voting adults? I saw so many kids, teenagers and even dogs wrapped in the Senyera that it seemed more like an excuse for a big social outing.

  2. I don’t think independence is now inevitable, but I do think it was more likely than before.

    Unlike Julie, I was quite impressed at what a spread of ages and backgrounds were out in the march. Lots of older people, lots of families with children, of course lots of teenagers too. It was a good time, but I don’t think that detracts from the seriousness of people’s convictions. I was even impressed by how many people were out in the march speaking Castilian!

    I think the economic issues have been the catalyst for a lot of people to reevaluate their positions, but I don’t think that necessarily means they’d give up on independence if things got better. The long term issues that have put Catalonia in such a weak position would remain. Perhaps Mas will be able to navigate a middle path, perhaps not. We’ll see!

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