thebadPoll: republic versus constitutional monarchy in Spain

Over the last 30-odd years, Spain’s politics have been relatively stable. Despite the occasional fascist coup attempt or the more frequent ETA bombings, Spain’s constitutional monarchy seems to have stayed the course. But democracy in Spain wasn’t always presided over by a king. The Second Spanish Republic, target of the 1936 military rebellion, aimed to create a Spain without kings or princes, while Franco’s dictatorship is still praised by some sections of Spanish society for its imposition of order and Catholic purity.

In the end, the Republic failed for various reasons. This week’s poll asks you to pick the best way ahead for Spain. The choices are fairly simple: Constitutional monarchy, republic, or dictatorship. There’s also an “other” option for those who’d like to propose an alternative. As always, your comments are welcome.

2 thoughts on “thebadPoll: republic versus constitutional monarchy in Spain

  1. The present Constitutional Monarchy was approved in a referendum, when the Spanish people voted in favour of the democratic constitution. The Spanish republic was never approved by a referendum.

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