My dream about George W. Bush

I’m not someone who regularly remembers dreams. On the whole, my only dream memories seem to be packed with Freudian friction and incredibly odd symbolism. Like last night, I dreamt that I pissed on a bush* and then this guy took us to Berry Pomeroy castle (near where I grew up) and they’d built a huge car park in front of it (it was being dismantled)… but the dream didn’t really go anywhere.

A few months back, I had another dream that I woke remembering. I was strolling around a pleasant Mediterranean town (it looked both Catalan and French) when I happened upon a bar with a couple of tables outside. Sat at one of them was George Bush Jr., nursing one of those Spanish brandy glasses with a pitiful measure of rubbish brandy. There were no Secret Service guys around, so I stepped up and immediately recommended Cardinal de Mendoza as a good Spanish brandy.

He was grateful and bought me a glass too, so I sat down and had a chat with him. My main memory of this chat is that Bush was a charming guy, occasionally clipped but mainly talkative. As I smoked a Ducado, I chatted with Bush about Iraq (he admitted he was wrong but that it had happened so there was nothing much to do).

But when we moved on to crime, we disagreed. I said that I thought that America hadn’t dealt with poverty sufficiently under his presidency. He argued that the sort of people I was talking about were mostly criminals. Shortly afterwards, we went our separate ways; I crossed a bridge and saw Bush’s bodyguards come out of the woodwork.

After I woke, I had the dream of Bush, the good ol’ boy, the bon viveur, the OK guy on my mind… and the taste of Cardenal de Mendoza brandy in my mouth. I liked him.


* Yeah, I know

3 thoughts on “My dream about George W. Bush

  1. You should consult a dream dictionary under “Bush” for that one. Your story was a bit reminiscent of Alan’s when he got hypnotized by Tony LeMesma into thinking Tony was Ursula Andres. Alan enjoyed the experience immensely until Ursula begged him to pull over in the layby and make “mad passionate love to him”. Alan’s response, “Ursula, if I get caught inflagrante on the hard shoulder I’ll get 10 points on my licence, my insurance premiums will go up by 90%, that’s not gonna happen now get out!”. It was sort of like that anyway.

  2. You can always invite him out for a visit, he’ll have plenty of spare time soon once he’s put the book into the presidential library. Unless I’ve misread a quote from El País by John McCain this morning where he accuses Obama of accepting defeat in Iraq there seems to be someone else who doesn’t see that war as a great victory.

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