thebadPoll – Who should be the next US president?

thebadPoll has not had the most auspicious beginning. But I’ll press on with it, stubborn as I am.

The US presidential election is now only a few days away. Barack Obama seems to have the lead across the country, including most of the ‘battleground states’. But as they say: it’s not over until it’s over.

This week’s poll is simple: who do you think should be the next US president? There are three choices: John McCain, Barack Obama or neither/someone else. As always, your comments are welcome… is this a chance for transformative change, irrelevant, more of the same?

You can vote at the top of the page, to the right of the main article area (no registration necessary).

9 thoughts on “thebadPoll – Who should be the next US president?

  1. Any idea why yours is the only blog on my list that the Google toolbar doesn’t let me open in a new window from Google Reader? Mystery of life I suppose.

    While I enjoy the poll… can’t we come up with a more Spanish orientated question? Such as: Will ZP get his invitation to the G20 or not?

  2. My vote is “neither” since I’d like to see Ralph Nader win.

    However, since that’s impossible, I’d prefer to see Obama win since electing McCain would be like electing the bloke who ran around with chainsaw (Tex?) in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  3. @David – re: the Google Reader issue, no idea, I’m afraid. If you’re using Firefox, try middle-clicking the link to have it open in a new tab.

    Re: the poll – I do like to touch on non-Catalan/Spanish topics from time to time. But fear not, there’ll be something more local to ponder next week.

  4. I’m going to run the risk here of being called a racist, but the only difference I can see between the two of them is colour.

    Completely agree with Nick, if there is anyone worth voting for it would be Nader. Unfortunately those who vote for him basically give their vote to the Republicans. The beauty of an effectively 2 party state, sounds quite similar to 1 party state doesn’t it?

    oops, did I call them communists?

  5. Every time a major question comes up in American politics I feel torn between intense interest and a genuine feeling of embarrassment at how easily the rest of the world believes the American version that they rule the world. On the one hand, I follow Slate and CNN religiously, and I will be very happy if Omana wins, but on the other hand I think that we really should pay more attenion to our own politics. An Obama victory won’t change a thing for the Spanish economy, or Catalan education, or the marketing consultants currently ruling the Generalitat.

    Still, how sweet it would (will?) be…

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