Why are PP members so effin’ rude?

The other day, our esteemed former Presidente del Gobierno – and honorary president of the PP, José María Aznar, visited the university of Oviedo in order to sell some of his FAES stuff. The students of said academy responded to the man’s visit by waving banners and calling him a war criminal. Señor Aznar’s response was that employed by all gentlemen of the world: he gave them the finger (‘the bird’, as our American friends would have it).

Aznar salutes the students of Oviedo
Aznar salutes the students of Oviedo

Now, if you’ve ever read this blog before, you may have determined that there’s very little love lost between your humble host and that twat, Aznar. In case you need convincing, here’s my analysis of the man: He’s a slimy, post-fascist scumbag who did nothing for Spain other than bring about our current economic situation; a small, disgustingly self-important, right-wing tosser with a shit-eating grin and a ridiculous moustache.

But this isn’t just about Aznar. It does seem that Spain’s right wing are just generally rude. Look at the ‘king’, with his “Why don’t you shut up?” diplomatic manoeuvre. Then there’s Esperanza Aguirre and Ignacio Gonzalez, a right pair of hijoputas. What’s wrong with these people? It all lends support to my theory that the most impolite people you’ll generally encounter in life are right-wingers. We on the left generally opt for more intelligent criticism.

11 thoughts on “Why are PP members so effin’ rude?

  1. Good old Shankill Trevor rides again, I see. BTW did that Orange March through Arenys de Munt come off well, apprentice boy?

  2. Nasty little man and I think there’s definitely something in your theory. The far right are also more vengeful. It’s estimated that hundreds of clergy were assassinated by the left in Barcelona during the civil war for example but when Franco’s nationalists arrived in the city, they assassinated tens of thousands in revenge. They’re generally just very aggressive and nasty because their political philosophy is so inhumane in general that vitriol is their only defence.

    By the way, that red scarf Aznar is wearing looks like a bath towel.

  3. It is their Francoist roots.

    At least he can only give them the finger now. If this lot was still in charge the students probably would be arrested on terrorism charges and send to prison.

  4. Far as I could see – it was the little dippy students who started it (about twenty of them, despite Gabilondo’s massive coverage on the telly). Nuffink wrong with giving ’em the finger. Anywho, you’re saying zappy is the better man?

  5. You can’t expect a semi-illiterate person to show manners of any kind. Also, what was that Barça fan doing today waving a Hand of Ulster flag in the basketball match? Was he the same idiot who showed up in the King’s Cup final last year with a No Surrender banner? Has Trevor got anything to do with it?

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