Ein fucker indepentist of catalonia makes the case for Catalan independence

Catalonia my pute patriot selfdetermination we are a nation with statut!!!!!!
this is the new himne of Catalonia.I am sure that in 2014 will celebrate a new referendum for part of josepo lluis mosso carota rovira.

Mossos Carota=gossos de la Quadra=Gossos de la tura(montse tura)=gossos d’atura

we must exclode of the nation all that is spanish,services burn spanish flag,the constitution book do pis,etc.

We must fight against the transfer selfdetermination country with statute because we are a nation!!!!!!

Our outside minister is apeles carota rovira.We must6 to create delegation in the foreigner and shout as pig or rabbits:selfdetermination we are a nation with statute!!!!autodeterminationen wir sein a nationer mit Statuter!!!!!!!!Catalonia ist ein fucker nationer!!!!!!!

Who said Barcelona Reporter was dead?

6 thoughts on “Ein fucker indepentist of catalonia makes the case for Catalan independence

  1. Catalonia not is your pute patriot your statut is einer fucker racistische arschloch paper!!!!!!!!!!

    Mossos de la mesa = mossos de la massa = massa misa = (Artur Mas)-turbacio

    We must include catalone in the futur Europa not in the Pan-Occitanist fable countries. Use Spanish services!!!!! The constitution does not piss, and burn flag is a hatred gest.

    Cataloon isn’t a nation! It is a region of historical cultural nature!

    Mr Carota will not listen to your shouting pig delegation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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